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The Difference Between Flexibility & Mobility

Keep your body limber, loose, and mobile as you age by maintaining mobility and flexibility. Are they the same or different? We have the answers.

Increase Mobility With This Simple Plane Exercise

Don’t let traveling dictate the health of your body. This plane exercise can keep you loose and you can do it in your seat!

10 Stretches To Treat Sciatic Nerve Pain

Lower back pain or sciatica can be excruciating, almost crippling. Rather than resorting to surgery or pain killers, try these stretches to relieve pain.

Follow These Tips To Boost Your HIIT Workouts

Don’t let your HIIT workouts get he better of you. Slay your workouts by implementing the tips in this article.

The Best Stretches For Lower Back Pain

Keep your back healthy and limber by practicing these exercises and stretches. Do the stretching routine every day for the best results.

6 Yoga Poses Everyone Should Do Before Bed

If you tend to wake up with stiff joints or muscles, do yourself a favor and start doing these yoga poses every night before bed.

You Need These 4 Pillars Of Exercise To Be Healthy

Make sure you incorporate all of the four types of exercise into your workouts to keep your body healthy. You’ll make the most of your workouts.

Why Stretching Before And After Exercise Is Important

Stretching before and after your workout could save you from injury and accelerate the recovery time. Don't ever be in doubt, stretch out!