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How To Build Leg Strength Without Weights

Don’t emerge from quarantine with frail or non-muscular legs. Tone up those leg muscles by engaging in these bodyweight leg exercises.

5 Easy Ways To Be Active Outside The Gym

What if we told you that you don't need a gym membership to reap the daily benefits of exercise? There are many ways to stay fit and keep moving outside the gym.

No Equipment Weekly Home Workout Plan

There's no need to sacrifice fitness when you can't access the gym. Follow this weekly workout plan to help stay in shape.

The Best Yoga Poses For Anxiety

Yoga is one of the best ways to strengthen your core and improve flexibility, but it can also help to relieve anxiety. Try this sequence and experience stress relief.

4 Yoga Poses To Improve Balance

Some people have fitness routines that they live by, but they don’t often engage in balancing exercises. Try this yoga sequence to improve balance.

Balloon Exercise to Help Lung Capacity

Improving your lung capacity can help strengthen the cardiovascular system. Here are a few exercises to enhance lung function.

7 Easy Exercises That Will Help You Lose Weight

You don't need to go through Navy Seal training to burn a little fat around the midsection. Engage in these exercises to help get rid of stubborn fat.

Beginner Yoga Workout For Killer Abs

Yoga is often pegged as a calming form of exercise that helps relieve stress or promote healthier sleep. It may not seem like an intense workout at first, but we can promise that you’ll be feeling the burn after one yoga class. Those who say that they don’t feel as though they worked out are...

The “Afterburn” Effect: How To Lose Extra Calories After Your Workout

The popular competitive motto “no pain, no gain” assures greater value rewards as a result of painful or hard work. Ask any athlete or fitness professional and they’ll tell you that suffering is necessary in order to achieve your desired goals. It’s a sign of success, letting you know you’re doing what’s required for excellence....

8 Exercises To Help Get Rid Of Cellulite & Tone Your Bottom

Get rid of cellulite fast when you start regularly performing these beneficial exercises that tone your legs and glutes.
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