Health & Wellness Expert

A.D. Dolphin launched his company, Dherbs Inc., in 2004, and the company has since become one of the primary resources of herbal supplements. Dherbs catalyzed an evolution in the use of herbs as a clear pathway to excellent health, healing, and an improved way of life. A.D. was introduced to cleansing after a career as a professional basketball player overseas in Australia. He wasn’t training as much and needed something to propel him towards a healthier lifestyle.

Cleansing helped A.D. increase his energy, improve his sleep, clear his thoughts, and kick his soda addiction. Since 2004, Dherbs Inc. has flourished, with the Full Body Cleanse being its most popular product. A.D. has the simple philosophy that, “The body can heal itself if it has the right fuel.” Dherbs has over 200 herbal supplements that can help remedy a variety of health ailments. A.D. does not rest on the laurels of financial success. He has a thirst for knowledge and information to share with clients, and that distinguishes him as a leader in the field of health and wellness.


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