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The New Year means that you no longer have excuses to put off exercising. You don’t have to go to any more holiday parties and the gift shopping frenzy is long gone. If you still think that you can’t fit exercise into your daily schedule, we have three words for you, “Yes you can!” While the colder weather may not motivate you to get off the couch, we have a few tips that can help you stay active.

When it comes to working out, most people say that they don’t have time. That’s a great excuse because you can blow off exercising to do almost anything else. The real reason behind this excuse, however, is laziness. Everyone can carve out a small portion of the day to incorporate some sort of activity into his or her life. Excuses are not beneficial in the long run. Action must be taken in the present to avoid health complications in the future. Find motivation wherever you can and get your fitness on track by using the following tips to squeeze exercise into your daily life.

Divide Your Workouts Into Small Segments:
Everyone does not have the luxury to spend an hour in the gym everyday. Some people may even find it difficult to allot a 30-minute chunk of time for exercise. These are not problems or potential excuses because you can try mini workouts throughout the day. Squeeze in a ten-minute workout at home before the kids get home, or take a 15-minute walk on your lunch break. There are a lot of short at-home exercise routines that are available online, so check them out. You can do a short yoga routine after dinner!

Set Your Alarm 30 Minutes Earlier:
This may sound terrible to those who are not morning people. If you decide to opt for this tip, do your morning self a favor and put your athletic wear and workout shoes right next to your bed. When you get up in the morning, you can brush your teeth, comb your hair, drink some water, eat a banana, and start exercising!

Take Your Workout Clothes To Go:
If you are not a morning person, you can ignore that previous tip, unless you want to start embracing the mornings! If you can’t fathom waking up 30 minutes earlier, take your workout clothes with you to work. Get in a lunchtime power walk or stop at the gym on your way home. A great way to motivate yourself to go to the gym is to change into your athletic clothes before you leave work. This subtle step solidifies your decision to exercise.

Once you ditch your excuses and make time for exercise, you may even start trying new forms of exercise, like spin class, Zumba, pilates, or yoga. You may even notice that you have more energy without the need for caffeine!